What to Know about Hiring a Tree Service

As we take care of our yards and keep them in tip-top shape, you may find that you have to call a tree service. Many people find themselves relying on this type of service when a tree is getting old, needs trimming or you have to plant a brand new one. Most tree company services are brought in for their experience, for their convenience or is highly necessary after a storm. Most homeowners will find that taking care of a tree does take time, require the adequate equipment and you need the right experience to avoid damaging your property. Here is some things to consider before you hire a tree service company.

How long in business

It doesn’t pay to hire an inexperienced or young company that is not familiar with the ruckus of your particular property. Any tree company that you consider hiring should be at least 10 years old. Those businesses that are much younger often fail because they do not understand the field well. Unfortunately, the industry does have a list of unsavory businesses known to roam neighborhoods looking for new business and can often be scammers. You can find tree removal Richmond va.

Check out the staff

Before you hire anyone make sure that they are certified arborists that can be subcontracted out. You might also find that some businesses attempting to show homeowners that they are a large company with certified arborists on board, but in fact it’s just one person and they don’t even work full time. A legit organization has two arborist on their main staff and they all have the adequate credentials.

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Property damage

A qualified tree servers will be able to answer all of your questions directly right away. They will know how to go about protecting your property and getting around your tree, which is the most important thing of the job. Your newly hired tree service should discuss precautions while working within your yard. You don’t want anyone that gives you simple answers to complex problems. If this is the case, then you might want to avoid hiring them. It’s also a good if they use protection such as plywood for the lawn during the entire job.


A highly experienced tree company will have virtually every tool you can think of when it comes to doing the tree service job. They shouldn’t have to use contract equipment. In addition to that, you want to make sure their equipment is OSHA certified. Further, all members of the staff who are operating the equipment should be wearing adequate protection that covers their eyes, head and body.


This is probably the most important question to ask when hiring a tree service. It could mean bad news for you if an injury happens and the company has not insurance at all. It’s imperative that the company is highly insured and this is stated within your contract. Insurance can be a life-saver and give you less worries as the tree service works diligently on your trees.