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The Benefits of Divorce Mediation

We don’t plan for divorce when we first get married. The reality is that half of the marriages end up in divorce. And statistics have shown that most of the divorce petitioners are women. Some of the reasons why women file for divorce includes infidelity, incompatibility, personality problems, physical abuse, and lack of communication. Divorce proceedings are stressful proceedings. There is an adversely effect of divorce to children of divorcing couples.

If these divorcing couples have any care at all for their children, then they should choose a method of separation that will have very little effect on their children’s lives. Now, divorce mediation is becoming a very popular way to get a divorce without affecting the children much. With mediation, the divorce will be finalized quickly without much pain in the process.

In divorce mediation, the mediator will help couples reduce tension between them and so they can maintain a good relationship for the sake of their children. What they will discuss in mediation sessions are issues that concern child custody, support, division of conjugal properties, alimony, and visitation.

Divorce litigation will take years to finish while divorce mediation only needs around 4 to 8 sessions to come up with a divorce agreement. Availability of the parties involved to communicate and the complexity of the case determines how long it will take to finalize the divorce agreement.

Here are some of the benefits of divorce mediation.

In divorce mediation, the couple is given a chance to resolve their conflicts and in this way the children will be able to accept more easily the changes that will happen in their lives in a calm manner. If they know that their parents can still be friends despite the divorce, then it can encourage them to have a good relationship with both parents.

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Divorce mediation agreements can be finalized in a matter of weeks while litigation can take years to finalize. As mentioned above, it can take a maximum of 8 weeks only for divorce mediation to be finalized. The cost of divorce mediation is definitely a lot less than divorce litigation.

Since couples don’t need to go to a courthouse, there is more privacy in solving their conflicts through divorce mediation. It is the mediator’s job to take care of all the paperwork, and take them to court, if necessary. The best option you can take in divorce is divorce mediation which take some negative impact away from everyone involved. Divorce mediation is the best way to deal with divorce issues that will have minimal effect on the children.

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