Best Tools to Share Files

Businesses have to process a huge amount of data on a daily basis. Some of the files have to be filled or signed by multiple numbers of individuals within a limited time before they can be passed to the senior management for decision making. However, it may take time to transfer a file from person to the other, which means leaves them with no option but to find several methods of sharing files. Here are some of the common tools that can be used to share files within the office.


This is a one-stop shop tool for sharing files within the office and in between several departments within the company. The tool is available cheaply and offers a trial version, which people can use for a month to test the components before they can ultimately to decide to use or not to use the tool. The standout aspect from this tool is that it enables customization, which means that it can be made to meet the specific needs of the business.


This file sharing tool offers flexibility regarding prices such that organizations of all sizes can get a tool to help their business. This tool can be used while online or offline, which gives it an edge over other tools in the industry. It is also compatible with different devices, which means that one does not have to buy additional tools that have to be consistent with other devices within the organization such as printers. It can share files from Android systems, iPhone operating system, Mac, and even desktop options.

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This is another files sharing tool that businesses can use to make their work easier. It can help a small organization to share files easily from one department to the other. It is currently estimated that around 50,000 organizations are currently using the box to share files. Some of these brands include Boston Scientific, Nationwide, Gap, and Pandora among others. This tool does not only share but also helps in editing and creating a file while at the same time offering an option to review before sharing.

Apple iCloud 

This is one of the most advanced file sharing tool that can easily store and share files in the cloud. From the name, it appears as though it is specialized to share through Apple products but can easily share files with all types of operating systems available. This tool also helps in updating all the files while protecting them against manipulation and infiltration. Qipoint can help businesses to find other cloud-based tools that can store and share files with ease.


This tool simplifies file sharing such that individuals can use it without training. This tool can be used in several business aspects such as receiving and sending files to multiple devices within the organization. Users can personalize the features so that it can serve the specific needs of the businesses. It has the highest encryption standards that businesses will find it hard to get in other file sharing tools, which means that the data shared is encrypted and cannot be infiltrated by unauthorized individuals.

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