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Why You Should Waterproof Your Crawl Space

You may not think about your crawl space much unless you need to access it to make repairs or adjustments, but it’s a more important part of your house than you might think. It’s important to remember that the air that is in your crawlspace makes its way through the rest of your house. When there is mold or humid air in your crawlspace, that all makes it up into your home as well and can lead to health problems or other issues.

If you don’t know what kind of condition your crawl space is in, you may want to think about having it inspected by a professional. A crawl space waterproofing huntsville al is something that could prevent a lot of problems in the future and may have some benefits that you may not have considered yet. Here’s some information about your crawl space that you may not know.

What Happens When A Crawl Space Is Waterproofed?

The first step that is taken when it comes to waterproofing your crawl space is sealing it off from the outside. All doors and vents will be sealed, and a vapor barrier will be installed. The vapor barrier keeps your crawlspace from being permeated with moisture through cracks in the floors and walls.

The second thing that is done when waterproofing is to remove any water that is there. A sump pump will be installed in the crawl space that will remove any water that does manage to get in. If you want to make sure that the area stays drained even if your home has lost power, you can get a sump pump with a battery backup.

The final step is conditioning the air in the crawl space. Even if there isn’t water pooling in the crawl space, there can still be a high level of humidity that needs to be addressed. A dehumidifier can remove the moisture that is in the air to make sure that it is at a good humidity level.

Foundation Issues

When the moisture level of your crawl space builds up over time, it can cause problems in your foundation. When water expands and contracts because of changes in temperature, it can damage the foundation itself. By preventing water from being able to enter the crawl space, you can prevent these types of problems from happening.

Air Quality

The air in your crawl space eventually becomes the air in your home. This means that you and your family could end up breathing the moldy air that has built up at the bottom of your home. This can eventually cause problems with your family’s respiratory health and can be especially dangerous if someone has health conditions already.

Humidity is also something to consider when it comes to air quality. It’s not just uncomfortable to be in humid air, it also costs more to heat and cool. High humidity in your home can also encourage mold growth which is something that needs to be addressed.…